Everything You Need to Know About Reading the Mask Girl Webtoon

Lee Han-byul as Kim Mo-mi in Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

Lee Han-byul as Kim Mo-mi in Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

Mask Girl is one of Netflix's most anticipated K-dramas for 2023. Since the show is based on a webtoon of the same title, you may be wondering where to read the Mask Girl webtoon in English online.

You may have gotten curious about the webtoon now that the show has been released on Netflix. In this article, we'll guide you through the webtoon.

We'll also share what the Netflix adaptation got from its source material.

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Where to Read Mask Girl Webtoon in English

Lee Han-byul as Kim Mo-mi in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

Mask Girl is a popular and highly acclaimed Naver webtoon. Because of its success, many have high hopes that the show will be able to reach the expectations of its fans.

But considering the show has a cast of talented men and women, this will likely be given.

Memi and Heise created the webtoon. It was published between 2015 and 2018. The webtoon also has an audience rating for those above 18.

Unfortunately, there is no English version of the webtoon available online. The webtoon is currently only available in Thai or on Korea's Naver Webtoon (which requires age verification).

We will update this post once the English version becomes available.

What Is the Mask Girl Webtoon About?

Nana as Kim Mo-mi/A-reum in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

Before anything, let's briefly talk about what Mask Girl is about. Both the series and live-action adaptation follow the story of Kim Mo-mi, an ordinary office worker who moonlights as a webcaster at night.

She hides her identity behind a mask as she dances and sings to her audience. In return, they send her Heart Pangs-- the platform's term for monetary. 1,000 Heart Pangs gives the recipient 100,000 Won.

After getting involved in an accident, Mo-mi meets one of her fans, who happens to be a colleague who's in love with her. Unfortunately, things don't go right for the two, and she kills him.

Ju Oh-nam's disappearance prompts his mom to start looking for him. But after learning that the police cannot locate Mo-mi, she takes things into her own hands.

And even as Mo-mi surrenders, Kim Kyung-ja continues to torment her by making her daughter's life a living hell.

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Is Mask Girl Accurate With the Webtoon?

Yeom Hye-ran as Kim Kyung-ja in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

One of the things avid fans of the webtoon are saying is that the casting choices for the show were spot-on.

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The original Kim Mo-mi appearance in the webtoon matches the new actress, Lee Han-byul. Since Mo-mi performs late into the night, the puffiness below her eyes is very visible.

After getting plastic surgery, Mo-mi transforms into a stunning beauty. This is something that singer/model Nana was able to embody.

The third actress to play Mo-mi's role in the series is Ko Hyun-jung, a mature version of the role since it's been a decade since she got imprisoned.

Lastly, the casting of Ahn Jae-hong (as Ju Oh-nam) and Yeom Hye-ran (as Kim Kyung-ja) was perfect with the webtoon animation.

Here are some of the comments of fans as shared by KoreaBoo:

If I were the original writer, I’d be clapping.
No, but how did they find everyone so well… But Ahn Jae Hong, I thought he looked innocent, but this… LOL.
Wow, Mo Mi and Ju Oh Nam perfectly lines up.
It’s basically like they drew the real life versions of the webtoon.

Mask Girl is now available to watch on Netflix. We can't help but be pleased with how the show's casting truly stood out and how they look so much like their characters.

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