Marvel's What If..? Season 2 Gets Early 2023 Release Window, Season 3 Confirmed
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

The San Diego Comic-Con is full of updates and announcements from various studios. During the animation panel of Marvel Studios, tons of information are dropped and one of those is that What If..? Season 2 will be getting an early 2023 release window and Season 3 has already been confirmed.

Only two MCU series on Disney Plus got a chance on another run and other than Loki, it is What If..? which follows the different stories through the multiverse as told by Uatu the Watcher that, at some point, coincided with each other.

During the Marvel Studios animation panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that What If..? Season 2 is currently under production and its release window would be in early 2023.

Immediately after the announcement, another huge drop came from the panel as Season 3 has been confirmed to be in the works for release sometime in the future.

In an update from Total Film, it is teased that Marvel's What If..? Season 2 will delve into new stories of Captain Carter, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hela, and more.

Marvel's What If..? Season 2 will also include the missing Iron Man and Gamora episode which was scrapped from Season 1.

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Recently, the first season of Marvel's What If..? received Emmy Awards nominations for Outstanding Animated Program, Jeffrey Wright as Uatu The Watcher for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance and he will vie for it along with the posthumous nomination for Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa/ Star Lord.

Marvel's What If..? follows the different stories of the heroes in various alternate realities where they get a fate other than the one in the main timeline of the MCU. Marvel's What If..? Season 1 ended with the Guardians of The Multiverse being successful after battling it out with Ultron who won against the Avengers in one of the alternate realities instead of being defeated like in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Heroes from different universes get together to beat the big bad and Uatu had to intervene, a violation of his oath.

Marvel's What If..? Season 2 is expected to release in early 2023, only on Disney Plus.

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