Marvel's Surprising Keanu Reeves Tweet Sparks Massive Speculation About MCU Casting

Credit: Lionsgate

Credit: Lionsgate

Keanu Reeves' resurgence in Hollywood is truly one for the books and at this stage in his career, it's truly amazing how he has managed to reinvent himself and stay relevant when most of his Tinseltown batchmates have seemingly vanished and fell into obscurity. It can be argued that Reeves' involvement in the John Wick franchise helped reinvigorate his career and after nearly four decades in the industry, he's still one of the most sought-after stars there is.

Speaking of, fans have been clamoring for him to once again appear in a comic book film project in either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Extended Universe. Considering he's already done a DC film during the prime of his career, it would make more sense for him to actually join the MCU. Rumor has it that Marvel Studios has long been eyeing the actor and over the years, his name has been attached in films like Guardians of the Galaxy and even the Spider-Man franchise.

As it stands, we still don't know if Keanu will actually end up in a major superhero franchise but an interesting tweet from Marvel's official UK and Ireland handle seems to tease something. Reeves is actually celebrating his 57th Birthday today and the comic book giant sent out their birthday wishes for the legendary actor. However, the thing is he's never been attached to the franchise which makes the tweet extremely intriguing. Suspiciously, the said tweet was immediately taken down.

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Of course, the now-deleted tweet caused massive speculation within the MCU fandom that the star of the upcoming The Matrix 4 could be Marvel-bound after years of anticipation. As of writing, Marvel has yet to offer an explanation about the said Twitter post and it wouldn't be surprising if they end up not addressing it at all. I, for one, would love to see Reeves in the MCU and despite all the uncertainties, I'm still hopeful that the actor will join the franchise.

Meanwhile, The Matrix 4 is scheduled for release in December.

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