Marvel's Secret Invasion Footage Confirms War Machine Getting into Trouble

Marvel's Secret Invasion is already one of the most hyped-up Marvel Cinematic Universe projects thanks to its all-star cast. However, it doesn't look like things are looking good for the heroes in the upcoming Disney+ show. The teaser for the MCU series was dropped during the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con and it possibly confirms that James "Rhodey" Rhodes aka War Machine is getting into some trouble.

The Secret Invasion teaser was shared during Marvel's exciting panel at San Diego Comic-Con last Saturday. Although the teaser has not yet been made available online, the description pretty much confirms that everyone will be facing some trouble in the show (via

The footage description for Secret Invasion reads as follows:

"Nick Fury emerges from the light of a ship. He is returning to Earth and has not answered Maria Hill's calls for help. He tells her this is different. War Machine is questioned about his security detail. Talos encounters evil Skrulls who suddenly emerge. Fury is ready to fight, but [Olivia Coleman's character] tells him he is in 'no shape' to take on the fight. Fury wants to take "them" on. A motorcade is flipped. A look at Emilia Clarke. Talos wants to know what the Skrulls want from Nick Fury and it is not revealed in the trailer."

Rhodey was last seen in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier where he reunited with Sam Wilson. Don Cheadle is set to reprise his role as War Machine in Armor Wars as well which could confirm that Rhodey will continue to play a major role in the MCU.

Secret Invasion will also star Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Cobie Smulders, and Martin Freeman. The new series has not yet been given an official release date but is set to premiere sometime in Spring 2023.

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