Marvel's Nova Teases Guardians of the Galaxy 4 for MCU's Phase 5

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand and with Nova already confirmed to be in the works, this would mean a tenfold of possibilities coming into the franchise which includes the possibility of more projects for already familiar titles, in this case, the Guardians of the Galaxy 4 is the most likely candidate to be set up for Phase 5.

Marvel's Nova Teases Guardians of the Galaxy 4 for MCU's Phase 5
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Marvel's Nova Teases Guardians of the Galaxy 4 for MCU's Phase 5

Threequels are nothing new for the Marvel Cinematic Universe but for a title to get extended, there are only a few projects that had such or has been confirmed to get an extension of a fourth film or more. This includes the Avengers movies and Thor with Love and Thunder. With Nova already slated to get in the franchise, fans are now speculating that it will give way to Guardians of the Galaxy 4 for Phase 5 of the MCU.

While Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been established to be the end of the trilogy, Nova’s arrival could mean more to them given his comic book link to the team what with or without James Gunn, the title could continue with a new set of members, fresh faces, to compose the Guardians of the Galaxy. Little is known to the details of Nova but the possibilities for it are already endless.

It has been confirmed that Nova will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon and the writer of Moon Knight, Sabir Pirdaza, will be the one to pen the arrival of Richard Rider. However, it remains unknown whether Nova will be a feature film or a limited series, what is sure is that it would be for Disney Plus.

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Richard Rider was randomly chosen by Xandarian Rhomann Dey on his deathbed to get his Nova Corps powers and as a teenager, he gets in the middle of being a superhero at a young age. Nova made his Marvel debut in 1976 on Super Adventures. He battled with the Skrulls which are already introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain Marvel and they’ll have a limited series with Nick Fury on Secret Invasion.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is slated for a theatrical release on May 23, 2022. There is no confirmation yet on Nova’s release.


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