Marvel's Avengers Fans Love the Game's Overly Descriptive Subtitles

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Marvel's Avengers is kind of a mess but has managed to gain a number of fans who actually like the story and how its characters are used. Granted, people probably wouldn't be talking about this game if not for the license attached to it but since Avengers is officially a billion-dollar name, you can't blame people for getting the game. However, the game is a mess, with performance issues, a messy user interface, and microtransactions.

The game also has some weird subtitles, which were clearly copy-pasted from a first draft script as it overly explains everything. Not only does it have dialogue that doesn't match what these characters are saying but it feels the need to describe the actions of characters. Kamala breathing before making a decision, a giant robot "taking its last breath," and more have been shared online, with fans divided if they love or hate it.

Some fans point out how ridiculous it is to have subtitles that describe character actions and show dialogue from an older version of the script. Others are much more forgiving, enjoying how it details their actions since it feels like a comic book. This has definitely divided fans, though they both seem to enjoy it for different reasons.

We hope that Marvel's Avengers gets more patches so that it becomes a much better gaming experience for everyone involved. The title can have some button-mashing fun and its campaign has a couple of cute moments that Marvel fans would adore. Just pick this up after a patch or two.

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