Marvel Zombies Series Episode Count Revealed

After the success of What If...?'s zombies episode, Marvel Studios moved forward with a Marvel Zombies animated series that was announced to be in the works last year. While most of the plot details are currently under wraps, we do have the information now on its episode count and the number may surprise you.

Speaking recently with at New York Comic-Con, Marvel Zombies executive producer Zeb Wells revealed that the series will only consist of just four episodes, making it the shortest run for any Marvel Disney+ shows.

"So I did not do [the Zombie episode] but I'm doing the spin-off. So it's not out yet. But I love that episode too, so when I got the call that they were going to do a spin-off from that episode, I was like 'Oh yeah, let's do it.' So it's four episodes, not sure when it comes yet, but it's looking really cool," Wells said.

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In its previous shows, Marvel Disney+ shows would usually run for a minimum of six episodes which has become the standard (with some exceptions) so it is surprising to learn that Marvel Zombies will only run for four episodes and, most likely, a 30-minute runtime each.

We don't know yet why they only went for four episodes for the series although it does tell us that it's going to be a fast-paced and tight story that won't run for too long just like some of the zombies shows that have been on the air. However, we also don't know yet if the series will also wind up getting a second season.

Either way, this should excite fans who have been looking forward to the series as a result of the What If...? episode, and, hopefully, it will be able to deliver a satisfying story even with a shorter-than-usual run.

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Disney+ and Marvel have not set a release window yet for Marvel Zombies.

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