Marvel Zombies Animated Series Coming to Disney Plus

The fifth episode of What If...? gave us their take on the popular Marvel Zombies comic series in which we saw our favorite MCU heroes grappling with a zombie apocalypse in another universe. Fans have been wondering if we will ever get to see more of the Marvel Zombies on-screen and now we finally have the answer.

During the Disney+ Day celebration, Marvel Studios announced that they are developing the Marvel Zombies animated series. It will follow a "new generation of heroes" through a zombie apocalypse. It is unknown yet if the series is connected to the What If...? episode or it will be entirely on its own. However, What If...? director Bryan Andrews will also serve as the director of the series.

Fans have been clamoring to see Marvel Zombies come to the screen for years and now we will get to see it as a full-on series, not just a single episode. It is interesting that the director of What If...? will also direct the series which comes to a question if the series will be connected to the episode or will have the same animation style as the series. We should be hearing more details soon.

It seems that Marvel Studios is pushing to produce more animated content which already started with What If...? as they have announced other more animated projects including the aforementioned Marvel Zombies, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, I Am Groot, and the revival of X-Men: The Animated Series titled X-Men '97.

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There is no release date announced yet for Marvel Zombies. Given that it takes time to produce an animated series, it might take a few years before we get to see it on Disney+.

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