Marvel Studios Plans to Bring Back OG Avengers for New Movie

Iron Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

Iron Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

As we're now getting closer to the release of Avengers: Secret Wars, one of the questions that fans have been wondering is whether they will also bring back the original Avengers cast members for one last action.

While some of the characters in the group have met their demise, they can still return through the multiverse. Fans also wouldn't mind seeing them come back and, in fact, some of them have been clamoring for them to return even though it's only been a few years since Endgame was released.

Given that the MCU is currently in a state of disarray and the audience has decreased for the last couple of years, bringing back the OG Avengers might help them regain the public's interest again to the franchise.

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Marvel is Considering Bringing Back the Original Avengers Cast

The Avengers
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Credit: Marvel Studios

In a recent report from Variety that exposed the current state of the MCU, they revealed that Marvel Studios has been considering bringing back the original Avengers actors for a new movie including Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson.

However, the studio has not yet committed to the idea since bringing them back could cost them a lot as they might ask for a hefty payday if they get asked to reprise their roles in the MCU.

Downey Jr. is also the current favorite to win Best Supporting Actor at the next Academy Awards for his performance in Oppenheimer which could change his trajectory and desire on whether he wants to play Tony Stark again.

It is hard to tell right now whether this plan could end up happening since some of them might feel hesitant to reprise their roles again, but it's obvious that Marvel Studios might push for that since they could be their saving grace for the success of Secret Wars.

The studio and the fans are aware that it will be a big deal if all six OG actors are part of Secret Wars and they can find a way to bring them all back together into the fold thanks to the multiverse which is an easy getaway.

We're still years away from the release of the upcoming Avengers movies so there is still time for Marvel Studios to figure out what to do on this plan. One thing's for sure, fans are going to be ready when it officially happens.

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