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Marvel Studios Reportedly Planning to Race-Swap a Number of X-Men Characters

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Marvel Studios has kept mum about its plans for the X-Men reboot but it's clear that Kevin Feige and his team aren't in any rush to incorporate the mutants in the ongoing Multiverse Saga, with the exception of Deadpool and Wolverine who are making their respective Marvel Cinematic Universe debuts in Phase Five.

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Credit: Fox

Over the last couple of months, there have been serious rumblings about the actors who will join the much-awaited project but as it stands, nothing official has been set in stone. Now, a new report sheds light on the studio's actual plans for the reboot and it's either going to delight or disappoint the fandom.

According to a hot rumor from The Park Place (via ScreenGeek), Marvel Studios has major plans to race-swap several X-Men characters for the highly anticipated reboot. The idea is Disney allegedly wants to reduce the number of caucasian mutants in the MCU.

The identities of the characters reportedly set to be race-swapped remain unclear. However, the report also notes that the studio will cast marque names for the reboot with the assumption that fans won't object or criticize them should their characters get racially bent.

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Interestingly, the latest casting rumors suggest that Giancarlo Esposito is the frontrunner to become the Earth-616 iteration of Charles Xavier. Actress Keke Palmer has also expressed her desire to play Rogue in the project and considering Marvel Studios has granted casting requests in the past, her casting is definitely a possibility.

Marvel Studios' X-Men reboot is currently in development. Meanwhile, our first true taste of the mutants in the MCU will come in Deadpool 3, hitting cinemas on November 8, 2024.

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