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Marvel Studios Reportedly Reevaluating Their Plans for Phase Five and Six

We're now at the end of Phase Four in the MCU and, while most of their projects were successful based on the numbers, there is no doubt that the reception on the slate has been divisive from some fans. They argue that Marvel Studios is starting to look like they're prioritizing quantity over quality with the dozens of projects that they are releasing in both theaters and on Disney+.

You might now be wondering, what is Marvel Studios going to do about what seems to be a divisive reception in Phase Four of the MCU. Now, a new report has claimed that they are indeed aware of the feedback that their Phase Four projects are receiving and they are planning to address it in their future slate.

According to The Cosmic Circus, Marvel Studios is currently reevaluating its plans for Phase Five and Six in lieu of the reception that they received on their Phase Four projects and they are now pushing a quality-over-quantity approach again on their future slate.

Considering that there are already numerous projects that are in post-production, the reevaluation is being done on the ones that are still in the pre-production stage. There is also a possibility that there will be shifts in release schedules and changes in the format of some projects as a result of this move.

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With the success of Werewolf by Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, the report claimed that Marvel Studios is now also toying with the special presentation format even further for some of their planned Disney+ projects.

While we haven't heard any definitive word regarding this claim, this alleged recent move from Marvel Studios may be welcomed by some fans since it is an assurance that they listened to the feedback and are making actions to make sure that they can still retain their quality even with more projects that they are now producing as a result of their expansion of distribution thanks to Disney+.

For now, let's just wait and see if Marvel Studios will indeed make some changes to their future slate in the coming months and whether the Multiverse Saga plan that they announced back in July will still remain intact.

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