Marvel's Armor Wars is Now Being Turned Into a Movie

Marvel Studios has been working on the Armor Wars series for some time now. The project, which was first announced in December 2020, was intended as a six-episode series on Disney+ with Don Cheadle's James Rhodes being the center of the story. Now, it looks like the project is having a massive shake-up as the studio has now changed its format.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios is now redeveloping Armor Wars as a movie instead of a Disney+ series. The move also pushes it back further down the development slate. Cheadle remains attached to star in the film while Yassir Lester, who was the head writer of the series, is also staying as the screenwriter.

The report claimed that the decision was made as the studio is committed to telling the story the right way and they realize that a movie format is better suited for the project. It is expected to be a theatrical release just like any MCU films that were released so far.

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Back when the series was being developed into a series, it was supposed to start production by early next year. There is also no director attached to the film at the moment and it is also unclear which phase will the project be part of or its target release window.

Based on the comic storyline of the same name, the story of the film will deal with James Rhodes, who must confront one of Tony Stark's greatest fears when Stark's tech fell into the wrong hands. It is expected to be set after the events of Secret Invasion.

It is exciting to hear that the project is now being turned into a movie since we can now witness the story on the biggest screen possible and it also gives James Rhodes a bigger opportunity to shine on his own now that he is going to be the lead of the film. We should be hearing more updates about this project in the coming months as they are redeveloping it.

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Marvel has not set a release window yet for Armor Wars. You can check more details about it here.

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