28 Mar 2018 4:46 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Announces Death of the Inhumans For July

Marvel has just announced Death of the Inhumans and we're not talking about the ABC show. This will be a new comic book series from Marvel's rising star Donnie Cates and beloved artist Ariel Olivetti. Not many details have been given about the book, though the title seems to be a big giveaway.

It's not yet known how long the series will be, though the title of the book means it won't be an ongoing comic. The cover by Kaare Andrews shows a skeleton of Black Bolt, with his teammates reflected on his costume, like his Queen Medusa, Lockjaw, and Maximus.

The Inhumans were meant to replace the X-Men when things between Fox and Marvel got heated. However, try as they might, Marvel couldn't make these superpowered individuals as iconic as the X-Men, with the exception of Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl, along with the original Inhumans like Black Bolt, Medusa, etc.


(Marvel Comics/Kaare Andrews)

If the comic is any indication, it seems like Marvel's love affair with the Inhumans is coming to an end. This is somewhat of a shame since quality books like Black Bolt and Secret Warriors starred Inhumans characters and were pretty good. Having a terrible show on ABC didn't help things, especially now that Disney is close to getting the X-Men rights back for future films.

Death of the Inhumans comes out in July.

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