Marvel’s Inhumans (Quietly) Cancelled By ABC?

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A lot of people were excited when Marvel Studios first announced The Inhumans movie, but things started going downhill ever since they decided to turn it into a television show. After a sour reception for the first season, it looks like ABC has discreetly cancelled Inhumans from its TV lineup.

It was pointed out by SpoilerTV that ABC has removed Inhumans from their publicity press site, seemingly confirming the death of the show. Of course, there hasn't been an official announcement yet, but following all the bad reviews from audiences, it would be a wise move to cancel the show and hope that nobody remembers it at all.


A lot of fans thought that the IMAX opening for the series was a sign that Inhumans was still going to be great, but looking at all the Marvel ABC shows, only Agents of SHIELD has managed to keep on trudging along. Agent Carter had been cancelled, and ever since the release of Iron Fist, interest in Marvel Netflix seems to have been going down as well.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe doing so well, it's a damn shame that the television series can't seem to catch up. It's such a waste since TV also has an abundance of great characters. Fans would lose their minds if Spider-Man would cross over with the likes of Daredevil or Punisher.

Has Inhumans been cancelled? Probably best to wait till ABC officially announces it.

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