MARS RED Episode 2 Release Date and Time, Where to Watch English Subs Online, COUNTDOWN

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Credit: Signal.MD

MARS RED, a historical horror anime by Studio Signal.MD looks like an interesting, artistically sound addition to the Spring 2021 anime season.

While the official premiere date for MARS RED Episode 1 was the 6th of April, Funimation released it for its premium users on the 29th of March, meaning those who enjoyed it are already wondering about Episode 2.


If you're one of them, keep reading. Below you will find a handy guide that includes a recap and all the information you need about the release date and airing time of MARS RED Episode 2 in different timezones.

MARS RED Overview and Episode 1 Recap

The year is 1923. Following the changes brought about by WWI, Japan is moving towards a new era of technology and industrialization. But this is not a strictly historical anime. While it's obvious that the creators have done their research, there's a little but important detail that changes everything; the Japan we're witnessing is plagued by vampires.

The main character Yoshinobu Maeda is called back on active duty to tackle the problem. The first episode of MARS RED was very much introductory; it almost felt like a short story, poetic, without loose threads regarding the vampire issue.

The main character was established, and he met characters that might prove important later on, including a reporter and a young subordinate who is newlywed. We also find out that Maeda himself is betrothed to a woman he doesn't know.

While the actress who got infected by vampires in Episode 1 was beyond saving, it has already been suggested that Maeda's team had considered keeping her as an agent? Will this happen when they encounter another newly made vampire? MARS RED has opened up a number of possibilities and Episode 2 might reveal more about the direction the show is taking.


MARS RED Episode 2Release Date

MARS RED airs every Tuesday on Funimation. As the original premiere date was the 6th of April, MARS RED Episode 2 will be released on the 13th of April for premium Funimation users. You might be able to access the episode from Monday the 12th of April, depending on your timezone.

Those streaming for free will have to wait until the 20th of April but Episode 1 will have become available to everyone by then.

MARS RED Episode 2Release Time

MARS RED Episode 2 will air on the 13th of April at 1:59 AM JST. Should these times remain correct, the episode will air in different time zones as follows:

Pacific Time: 9:59 AM (April 12)
Central Time: 11:59 AM (April 12)
Eastern Time: 12:59 AM (April 12)
British Time: 5:59 PM (April 12)

MARS REDEpisode 2 Where to Watch with English Subs Online


The best place to watch MARS RED Episode 2 is currently Funimation. If you're a subscribed user, you'll be able to watch episodes as they come out. Non-subscribed users will have to wait a week for each new episode. A Funimation subscription starts at $5.99 and you can decide if it's for you by opting for the 14-day free trial.


MARS RED Episode 2 is coming in 10 days, and it looks like we'll discover plenty of new feelings along with Fushi.

Watch out for MARS RED Episode 2 on the 12th of April.

Other great anime you can watch during the Spring 2021 season - that have already premiered - include My Hero Academia Season 5 and Fruits Basket Season 3.

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