17 Jun 2021 10:42 AM +00:00 UTC

Mark Ruffalo Throws Massive Shade at Loki Episode 2's Hysterical Explanation of [SPOILERS]

Credit: Marvel Studios

The mindboggling second episode of Marvel Studios' latest Phase 4 offering Loki pretty much set the tone for what's going to transpire now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is tapping into the multiverse. It also changed the way fans view many things within the franchise, including Thor: Ragnarok's pivotal moment that changed Asgard forever.

In Episode 2 titled "The Variant", Loki figures out that the mysterious hooded character wreaking havoc across the sacred timeline (who was later revealed to be "Lady Loki") is hiding in various apocalyptic events through time. While explaining his rather interesting theory to top Time Variance Authority agent Mobius M. Mobius, Loki referenced the fall and destruction of Asgard due to the prophecy of Ragnarok.

Here's where things really got weird and not to mention downright hilarious. As Loki was talking about Ragnarok, he used Mobius' salad to represent his home planet much to the amusement of MCU fans who saw the episode.

Apparently, his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Mark Ruffalo aka The Hulk was paying close attention to the episode and took to social media to express his astonishment at Laufeyson's oversimplified explanation of the apocalyptic event. Posting an image of a salad, Ruffalo wrote: "Wow. Ragnarok explained." Check out his wacky response here:

Now, a lot of fans are actually wishing that things were explained much simpler in the series considering how confusing the turns of events have become. Although the show has been dropping some major revelations, it's still pretty much shrouded by mystery and I'm hoping that upcoming episodes will bring clarity to some of our wildest questions.

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