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Mark Ruffalo Fuels World War Hulk Solo Movie Rumors Following She-Hulk Episode 2's Spoilery Connection

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Mark Ruffalo undoubtedly shows no signs of slowing down in playing The Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, according to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law lead-star Tatiana Maslany, who plays the titular heroine in the latest Disney+ series, Ruffalo is still enthusiastic about the Hulk, despite playing the role for more than a decade.

Mark Ruffalo Expresses Interest in World War Hulk To Be Bruce Banner's Next Adventure

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Now that Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner has returned in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Marvel Studios can now map out a new standalone adventure for the Hulk that might be heading to the much-anticipated World War Hulk solo film to which Ruffalo himself is also looking forward.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Ruffalo discusses Hulk's endless future in the MCU, hinting that the character might go back to being 'Berserker Hulk' and 'World War Hulk.' See Ruffalo's full quote below:

“The cool thing about this world is that it could just be anything. Five years from now it could totally morph into anything, whatever’s pertinent at the time. I almost see him going back to ‘Berserker Hulk’ or ‘World War Hulk’. It could go anywhere. That’s the exciting part — I’ve played five different versions from beginning to now, and that’s kept it interesting for me and I hope interesting for other people.”

It's also worth noting that in a previous interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ruffalo candidly responded to a question about doing a Hulk solo movie, saying:

"Anytime they want to do it, I’m here."

Did She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2 Just Confirmed World War Hulk?

In Marvel Comics, World War Hulk centers on Hulk being tricked by the Illuminati into going to Sakaar, only to find out that millions of citizens of the planet had died, including his unborn child and wife, Caiera. The Hulk instantly became strongest than ever to seek revenge not just from the Illuminati but also from the X-Men and his own team, the Avengers.

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Now, in She-Hulk episode 2, Bruce Banner was last seen travelling back to Sakaar, where he spent most of his time stuck as the Hulk for 2 years. And according to producer Jessica Gao, Hulk is heading back to the distant planet to settle some "off-world things that happened during that time," as she told TheDirect:

“God knows what Hulk got up to in the years he was there, so he’s gotta go back and handle some off-world things that happened during that time.”

While in a previous interview with TVLine, Gao revealed that Ruffalo wouldn't be in the entire series:

“A big part of it is [Mark] did what he came to do on the show, and we wanted to make sure that people knew, ‘Don’t expect him to be in every episode from here on out.’"

The producer also teased that Hulk's return to Sakaar could open a lot of possibilities if Marvel Studios decided to pick up the story from that point.

“But also, I think it kind of opens up the possibility, if Marvel chooses to, to do something with that, to pick up that story. If they wanted.”

If our theory is right, this just means that She-Hulk's Episode 2 is just the first chapter of World War Hulk, or maybe it paves the way for Bruce Banner's own adventure. Nonetheless, let's hope that the next episodes will disclose what happens next to the Hulk and if it will indeed land on a potential World War Hulk solo project.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is available to stream on Disney+.


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