02 Jul 2016 12:51 PM +00:00 UTC

Mark Hamill Reveals the Wrap Date for Star Wars VIII Filming

Mark Hamill revealed through Twitter that filming for the next Star Wars movie wraps up very soon. He gave the exact date the movie would end filming, loading down the tweet with hashtags like #LooseLipsSinkStarShips and #PatiencemyPadawans. You can see the tweet below.

It looks like the film will be wrapping up before July even ends, on the 22nd! The hashtag #Rogue1Sooner likely refers to the fact the spinoff Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be premiering long before this movie comes out. But with Star Wars VIII entering the editing stage soon, it shouldn't be too long before we see trailers and get an official title for the film!


It's not exactly a surprise the movie is about to wrap, since director Rian Johnson recently teased that filming was nearing an end. It's also not surprising that it's Hamill who broken the news. Hamill has been talking a lot about the film wrapping up lately. He mentionedrecently that after Star Wars VIII wrapped, he'd be out of work, which fans took to mean his character Luke Skywalker would not be returning for future films, but he clarified that he just meant the movie would be over.

Hamill's excitement likely has to do with the fact he's going to actually get to be in the movie for longer than a few seconds this time around, whereas he only appeared at the very end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What about you? Are you excited to see the movie wrap up? When do you think we'll get our first trailer?

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