Mark Hamill Has A Cute Little Birthday Greeting For Sebastian Stan

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Marvel's Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan doesn't really share any familial connection to Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, but fans have long noticed how the Avengers: Infinity War actor looks so much like everyone's favorite Jedi Knight.

Hamill, being the joker that he is, has been playing up these similarities ever since fans started pointing it out to him, and now the actor has a new birthday message to Stan that brings with it a little familiar guilt trip. Taking to Twitter, Hamill decided to share a photo of himself greeting stan with a cute card, and in the caption of the post, the Star Wars legend wonders whether the Marvel actor really could be his son because like his actual offspring, Stan "never calls, never writes. C'mon kids, would it kill ya to drop your old man a line?"

Check out the funny, guilt-tripping post down here:

It's a pretty cute post and somehow Hamill's greeting has managed to rake in more than 22 thousand likes and has gotten almost 6 thousand fans to talk about the photo. Hamill's certainly been very accommodating with the way fans compare him to Sebastian Stan, and the actor doesn't mind playing things up by teasing fans that he's the Marvel star's father.

Hamill is now set to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode IX which premieres on December 20, 2019.

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