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Marilyn Manson Revelation: 'Sweet Dreams' Singer Locked Girls In 'Rape Room' Inside Hollywood Apartment

Marilyn Manson
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Rock singer Marilyn Manson has been accused of maintaining a so-called "rape room," which he allegedly used to mentally, physically, and sexually abuse women. A report published by Rolling Stone detailed how Manson used the small, soundproof glass room inside his West Hollywood apartment to lock up his former girlfriends.

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Manson's Rape Room

The report was published after Ashley Walters, a former assistant to Manson, filed a lawsuit against the singer. Walters accused Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, of sexual assault and other charges.

Walters said Manson liked bragging about the room, and he even mentioned its existence in several media appearances and interviews.

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Like many of Manson's accusers, Walters claims her first interaction with him was mostly positive. She met Manson when he praised her photography on Myspace in the spring of 2010.

According to her legal filing, he invited her to his West Hollywood home for a photoshoot, which turned ugly when Manson allegedly pushed her onto his bed and pinned down her arms before sexually abusing her.

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Ryan Brown, another of Manson's former assistants, confirmed that the room did exist that it was "common knowledge" for everybody that knew him. Brown denied ever seeing a woman locked inside the room.

Systemic Abuse

Several women have since come forward to confirm the existence of Manson's room, which some have called his "bad girls room," "meat locker," and "black refrigerator."

Manson's ex-girlfriends claimed that he had inflicted repeated acts of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, leaving them with crippling bouts of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and PTSD.

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The report, which was based on 55 separate interviews of people that personally know Manson, said the room was about the size of a department store dressing room that is locked from the outside.

Ashley Morgan Smithline, another woman who is suing Manson for sexual assault and illegal detention, told Rolling Stone that Manson had locked her inside the room for hours at a time.

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Room From Hell

Blood, swastikas, and cut photographs from pornographic magazines adorned the remainder of Mason's apartment. Others described a spray-painted "AIDS" sign above his bed, as well as black carpeting, furniture, and decorations.

Manson also reportedly used black drapes to block light from practically every window for about 24 hours a day. Manson allegedly had rage tantrums and damaged furniture if the temperature was raised over 65 degrees.

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During their two years together, Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco claims Manson verbally harassed her, deprived her of sleep and food, bit, cut, electrocuted, and whipped her without her consent, and raped her. Manson allegedly pursued her around the apartment with an ax, breaking holes in the walls in one terrifying episode.

Manson has denied all of the allegations made so far. The singer, actor, and painter, claimed that all of the allegations made against him were "horrible distortions of reality. Manson said that all of his intimate relationships were "entirely consensual," and he had not abused or raped any of his exes.

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