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Manifest Season 4 Gets First Look and Details on Netflix Geeked Week
Credit: Netflix

One of the biggest events this year for the top streaming platform is happening with Netflix Geeked Week releasing tons of updates for its shows and one which they recently acquired is Manifest Season 4. Check out the first look and details on the series' final run!

Manifest Season 4 has been revived by Netflix after it was canceled by NBC following its third season and it is back in full force with the first look of the show during Netflix Geeked Week.

The teaser starts with Michaela back at the NYPD while investigating at a port. Manifest Season 4 is expected to close out the cliffhangers from the third season and possibly answer the question as to what really happened to the passengers of Flight 828.

Originally, Manifest is a six-season show created to last for that long. Season 3 ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger after its 13-episode run and there are still a lot of questions that need answers because the show is just in the middle of the original story plan.

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With Rake determined to close the show and give the story a proper send-off, he eventually hatched a plan B to have the ending told and given justice, that he suggested having a 2-hour movie for it.

Thankfully, Manifest Season 4 has been granted and despite it being the last season, it's enough to give the fans more than justice for the finale that the show deserves. It will be on Netflix and it will be having 20 episodes all throughout which could tell the remainder of how the story will flow and how it will continue until the end.

Manifest Season 4 has no definite release date yet but it is expected to arrive later this year in Netflix.

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