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How Many Episodes in Season 3 of Manifest on NBC

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Manifest will make you think of the next plane ride you'll take as it follows the story of the passengers of a plane that went missing for five and a half years only to return unscathed, or so they thought. A supernatural drama on NBC bringing all sorts of mind-boggling revelations throughout the series, how many episodes will there be for season 3?

Montego Air Flight 828 from Jamaica en route to New York City with 191 passengers mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Considering such time being missing, everyone on board the said plane was presumed dead. However, to everyone's surprise except maybe the passengers who were still clueless, the plane arrives and made its landing at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York.

As for everyone on the manifest, hence the title, they had no idea that five and a half years have passed. For them, it was just a few minutes in severe turbulence. When they landed, all they have left were confused, relieved, and surprised all at the same time with no one truly knowing what exactly happened.

As they learned that such a long time has passed, they try to return to their old lives only to find out nothing is ever going to be the same. A few days later, they experience voices and visions of events that are not yet happening. They later call it as callings.

If that plot doesn't pique your interest, give the series a try and you'll be in it for a ride as they try to discover the truth behind what happened to Flight 828, and the revelations will definitely get you hooked.

Manifest is at home on NBC where each episode has, more or less, 43 minutes. One can watch it online through the live stream on DirecTV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV, though Hulu if the subscription includes an NBC pack, and through the NBC app and The series started airing in 2018 with 16 episodes. As for its second season, it had 13 episodes.

How Many Episodes in Season 3 of Manifest on NBC?

The showrunner of Manifest, Jeff Rake, confirmed that Season 3 will run for 13 episodes. Every episode is packed with revelations as discoveries are made in connection to Flight 828 and what exactly happened to them in those five and a half years. With breakthrough moments in the series, it is a surprise that NBC neither canceled nor granted the series a fourth season making it hanging in the balance.

There are still a lot of questions left unanswered concerning all aboard the plane and what supernatural phenomena are they facing with the callings they are experiencing. There is also the death date, one which has been a baffling reveal. Looking at where the series is going, it definitely needs more time to unravel everything and not leave a stone unturned.

Manifest arrives every Thursday at 7 PM CT/8 PM ET on NBC.

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