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Makima VA Reveals She Performed Steamy Scene in Front of Denji

Makima VA steamy scene for Denji Episode 5 Makima

While there was no new info about the Chainsaw Man anime, a Jump Festa panel did feature the show’s voice actors wherein they revealed interesting tidbits about recording, including how Makima VA Tomori Kusunoki performed the steamy Episode 5 scene in front of Denji VA Kikunosuke Toya.

Jump Festa 2023 saw lots of big anime announcements, including new reveals and trailer premieres.

Chainsaw Man might not have gotten a new announcement, but the show’s VAs did share their favorite scenes from the first season.

Chainsaw Man Cast’s Favorite Scenes

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First up, Kikunosuke Toya revealed that the fight between Denji and the Leech Devil was his favorite moment to voice so far.

Toya said that he liked how Denji’s anger exploded in the scene and that he was affected by it emotionally.

For Power VA Ai Fairouz, she said that Aki’s morning routine from Episode 4 is her favorite.

This anime-original scene features an extended look at Aki preparing for his day, and according to Fairouz, the scene helped the anime feel more real and relatable.

Meanwhile, Aki VA Shogo Sakata said that his favorite scene so far is Aki and Himeno’s cigarette scene in Episode 6.

Sakata said that this rather sensual scene highlighted Aki and Himeno’s relationship nicely.

Finally, Makima VA Tomori Kusunoki mentioned a scene in a similar vein to Sakata’s choice.

Specifically, she went with Makima’s memorable scene with Denji in Episode 5. She even recounted an interesting story about that scene’s recording session.

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Makima VA Shares Episode 5 Recording Experience

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Given scheduling difficulties for voice actors, not all VAs get to record at the same time as their cast members.

Often, there are times when a voice actor will have to record his/her lines alone. Such was the case when Kusunoki recorded the Episode 5 Makima scene.

Despite recording separately from Denji’s VA, Kusunoki said that she asked Toya to stand in front of the microphone while she performed the scene.

Given the sultry nature of the scene, Kusunoki admitted that she felt a little embarrassed after watching the scene again.

Though the fact that she recorded it in the booth together with Toya helped her performance.

The scenes they picked all happened in the initial episodes. But that doesn’t mean nothing else exciting will happen as the next Chainsaw Man episodes promise to be packed with action.

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 will release tomorrow on Crunchyroll.

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