Makima Terrifies Chainsaw Man Fans During Kyoto Temple Scene

Chainsaw Man Makima Temple

Chainsaw Man Makima Temple

Things are continuing to escalate in Chainsaw Man as the latest episode saw non-stop action. Among the highlights of Chainsaw Man Episode 9 is the Kyoto temple scene featuring Makima which left fans in awe and terror of the public safety devil hunter.

Following the episode’s release, fans flocked to various social media platforms to talk about the latest episode.

Both manga readers and anime-only fans were delighted to see Makima in action in the newest episode.

Makima Train Scene: Anime vs. Manga Comparison

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In Episode 8, the gun-wielding goons were shown shooting Makima dead while on a train that was heading to Kyoto.

Though in the latest episode, Makima is inexplicably alive, and she proceeds to defeat every enemy on the train.

Most anime-only viewers liked this scene, with some saying that Makima seemed like she was straight out of a horror movie.

But unsurprisingly, some manga fans did not like the direction of the anime in this scene.

The manga’s version of the scene shows Makima with an intimidating stance and a stern look on her face.

In contrast, the anime version shows Makima casually standing while having a slight smile.

This lack of a more intimidating aura made some fans like the manga’s version more.

Though there are fans who mentioned how they liked the anime’s depiction of the scene as it looks more realistic.

Plus, having Makima just casually standing with a slight smile makes the scene all the more creepy.

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Makima’s Menacing Kyoto Temple Scene

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Following the train scene, Makima makes her way to a Kyoto temple where she does a ritual that sacrifices the lives of unlucky prisoners with life sentences.

In exchange, Makima gets the power to completely annihilate Katana Man’s goons.

This part of the manga is iconic, and based on Reddit and Twitter discussions, fans of the source material were satisfied to see it done well in the anime.

As for anime-only fans, many were in awe and terror of Makima during the scene.

It doesn’t help that her power wasn’t explained at all during the scene, adding a sense of unease to how powerful Makima really is.

While the show’s depiction of the Kyoto temple scene was close to the source material, it did add some original scenes which many fans liked.

Along with genuine praise about these additional scenes, there are also lots of “woof” reactions, as is the case with any Chainsaw Man discussion online.

If you’re terrified of Makima but still can’t wait to see more of her, you’ll have to wait for the next episode which releases next week.

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