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Chainsaw Man Fans Are in Disbelief Over Episode 8 Deaths

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Deaths Aki

The latest episode of Chainsaw Man was unlike any episode that came before it as it escalated incredibly quickly. Following its release, fans were in disbelief over the sheer number of deaths in Chainsaw Man Episode 8.

It has already been established in the first episode that the show does not shy away from violence, but the new episode’s events are a turning point for the anime’s story.

Manga fans are already expecting this, but it seems many anime-only viewers have been blindsided by the developments.

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man Episode 8 spoilers in this article.

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Summary

chainsaw man episode 8 himeno
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Episode 8 opens with an extended look at Himeno and Denji’s scene from the previous episode.

It is soon revealed that while Himeno came on to Denji, he said no to Himeno’s advances as he remains dedicated to Makima.

In the morning, Himeno is glad to hear that nothing else happened. She then offers a deal to Denji; she will help him get close to Makima if Denji helps her with Aki.

Denji says yes to this, solidifying their new friendship. Soon, Denji and Himeno are joined by Aki and Power.

The four are shown eating at a ramen restaurant where they come across a yakuza member. Then, all hell breaks loose.

Elsewhere, Makima is shown being shot by a group of assailants while inside a bullet train on the way to Kyoto.

Other public safety devil hunters are also shown being targeted by other gun-wielding assailants. It seems that these were the commands of the Gun Devil.

Going back to Denji and company, Denji gets shot in the head while Himeno gets shot in the chest.

The yakuza member then transforms into a devil hybrid (known by fans as Katana Man) who then fights Aki.

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While Aki gets the upper hand with his Curse Devil, Katana Man gets up with the help of an ally.

Before he can kill Aki, Himeno sacrifices herself to bring forth the full power of the Ghost Devil to help.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Aki in a dire situation as Himeno is gone while Denji is out of commission. Power is also nowhere to be seen.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Deaths Reaction

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Given how extreme the events in the episode are, many anime-only fans were shocked by what happened.

On the episode’s Reddit discussion thread, many fans expressed their disbelief at what happened.

Some finally understood the hype behind Chainsaw Man. Though others are hoping that at least some of the characters make it out alive.

Along with the shocked reactions, lots of praise was also given to the episode’s animators as many fans were impressed with the Aki versus Katana Man fight.

Particular praise was given to the atmosphere of the whole episode, as well as how creative the animation for the Curse Devil is.

Given how the episode ended on a massive cliffhanger, there are lots of fans eager to see what’s next.

Though we’ll have to wait a week as Chainsaw Man Episode 9 will be released Tuesday next week on Crunchyroll.

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