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Major Plot Twists in Tokyo Ghoul Manga Explained

Like most anime, Tokyo Ghoul was based on manga. It is a dark fantasy manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump that can be collected in 14 tankobon volumes. The story was set in a world where ghouls exist. These creatures look like normal people but the difference is that they can only eat human flesh. What they do is hide in society so they can try to survive and hide from authorities.

Kaneki Ken was once a normal human but his life changed when he went on a date with a ghoul. Her objective was to devour him but an accident took place. They were taken to the hospital but the ghoul was already dead so the doctor decided to use her organs to save Kaneki’s life. Since then, Kaneki became a half-human, half-ghoul.

Major Plot Twists in Tokyo Ghoul Manga Explained

Major Plot Twists in Tokyo Ghoul Manga Explained 1
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From the premise alone, manga readers can expect that they are more twists to come in the story. Kaneki’s life will never be the same after the incident and upon entering another world, he discovered a lot of things about ghouls and humans. We decided to gather the three major plot twists fans did not expect in the manga.

The first one is Dr. Kano’s experiments. For those who cannot remember him, Dr. Kano was the doctor who decided to use Rize’s organs to save Kaneki. But the truth is that he is running a lab wherein he creates artificial ghouls using Rize’s organs. He used her to experiment with ghoul’s biology and find a way to eliminate these creatures.

The second twist is when Kaneki lost his memories as a ghoul. CCG attacked Anteiku in the hopes to defeat the one-eyed owl. All ghoul hunters were present there. Kaneki and Arima had an intense duel wherein Arima won the fight thanks to his advanced quinque. This fight led to Kaneki losing his memories of being a ghoul. He was then taken in by Akira Mado and he became her subordinate and ghoul investigator. 

The third twist is that Kishou Arima is the one-eyed king. Kishou was known to be a special class ghoul investigator but what they do not know is that he is the strong ghoul that CCG is after. The title was then passed on to Kaneki after the latter defeated him.

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