Tokyo Ghoul OVAs Arrive on Funimation

Credit: Pierrot

Credit: Pierrot

Tokyo Ghoul fans, rejoice! Two original video animations (OVAs) of Tokyo Ghoul are finally coming to Funimation in both subbed and English dubbed versions!

Tokyo Ghoul has been a fan-favorite ever since it entered the anime scene that a lot of fans and viewers following the story are waiting for its return after its second season. It has been a staple title ever since its release and it has built a large enough fan base that many are excited as their official Twitter account dropped the news.

In the tweet of the official Tokyo Ghoul Twitter page, the post says "Get ready to dive back into the world of ghouls and the CCG! Tokyo Ghoul OVAs "Pinto" and "Jack" are coming to Funimation subbed and English dubbed tomorrow!"

Although neither of these OVAs follows the main protagonist Ken Kaneki, much to the excitement of the fans, the OVAs will be featuring two stories: Jack will be around the story of Kishou Arima, a high school student who is claiming himself as a "Ghoul Investigator" and this will bring him into a battle against a Halloween-themed flesh-eater; and Pinto will be showing the other side of the coin featuring Shou, a conflicted ghoul who is trying to figure out his new supernatural nature.

Although there are no plans revealed yet whether Tokyo Ghoul will be back for a third season or even if there would be a remake of the iconic manga series, bringing these two OVAs via Funimation in a subbed and English dubbed version restarts the sparks on the title.

Recently, Tokyo Ghoul released a live-action film, Tokyo Ghoul S, which tried to bring into life both the manga and anime series. There is also a video game called Tokyo Ghoul: re Call To Exist inspired by the anime and manga.

Excited to see the OVAs of Tokyo Ghoul? Tune in tomorrow via Funimation!

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