Major Doctor Who Crossover Project was Almost Scrapped Due to COVID-19

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The Doctor has been against so many powerful enemies that he has defeated in the past but his latest adversary might be the greatest threat to the franchise yet. It has been revealed that a major Doctor Who crossover event was almost scrapped because of the coronavirus outbreak.

This is the case with Time Lord Victorious, the ambitious crossover event that will involve the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctor. The crossover, which includes comics, novels, audio dramas, and live events, almost never happened because producer James Goss was stranded in a foreign country due to COVID-19.

"I was trapped in Turkey for a week [after the country closed its borders], and by the time I got back, the world had ended?" Goss said during the Time Lord Victorious Comic-Con@Home panel. "I was convinced [Victorious] was gonna be over."

Luckily for Goss, he had great teams to work with. Titan Comics and Big Finish managed to keep things going despite the pandemic lockdowns.

"Oddly, madly, Titan has just got on and done their stuff because it's almost business as usual," Goss said. "Big Finish were recording with the Doctor using his son's garage band equipment in his garden shed, the immersive theater project has been finding ways in which they can reopen safely and still have a full immersive theater experience."

It's good to know that things worked out for Goss and everyone who is involved in Time Lord Victorious. Luckily, this is one Doctor Who project that managed to win over COVID-19.

Time Lord Victorious is expected to kick off with its numerous releases later in the year.

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