Major Changes Made to Next Kingsman Films, Kingsman 3 Will Come Out AFTER a Prequel

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We're only two films in and it seems like the future of Kingsman is shining bright, even with a mediocre sequel that left fans with mixed feelings. Thankfully, it made a lot of money and we can be thankful for a few more films in this Mark Millar-made franchise. Hopefully, the next movie is of higher quality and doesn't rely on Elton John as a joke.

Most of us were expecting a Kingsman 3 to come out next but according to Collider, we will be getting the previously announced prequel first. Director Matthew Vaughn originally planned for the third film to come out first but it looks like plans have changed and the prequel will begin shooting in January.

It looks like the prequel movie is going through a tonal change as the report claims that it will be less of a spy-comedy and more like a period drama. Then again, it could always be a mix of both elements since Vaughn was able to do this well with X-Men: First Class. Apparently, it's going to be a look at history through the eyes of the Kingsmen, which does sound interesting to be fair.


As for Kingsman 3, the film that will end the journey of Taron Egerton and Colin Firth's characters will shoot sometime after the prequel is done. These two films are expected to shoot back-to-back, though Vaughn will take a break after the prequel is shot.

No release dates for these movies have been confirmed.

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