13 Apr 2020 5:51 PM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair - Ultimate Edition Preorder Prices Are More Expensive Than Expected

Last month, Wizards of the Coast and Tolarian Community College announced the most expensive Magic: The GatheringSecret Lair yet, and it contains five enemy-colored fetchlands featuring brand new art. Unlike the previous print-on-demand Secret Lairs available only online, the Secret Lair - Ultimate Edition will be available in local game stores, and now, they're available for preorder, but don't expect it to be anywhere close to the "bit more than $165.00" that Wizards of the Coast's Senior Franchise Communication Manager, Blake Rasmussen said in the Tolarian Community College video.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Major MTG retailer Star City Games announced that their SCG Premium Member price for the Secret Lair - Ultimate Edition is $332.49. For non-members, it's available for $349.99 but it's currently out of stock.

Meanwhile, TCGPlayer has the product listed for around $450:

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Credit: TCGPlayer.com

Similarly, Cardmarket has the new Secret Lair priced at 240,00 €

The Secret Lair - Ultimate Edition contains:

Marsh Flats (illustrated by Alayna Danner; set in Lorwyn)
Scalding Tarn (illustrated by Adam Paquette; set in Shiv of Dominaria)
Verdant Catacombs (illustrated by Sam Burley; set in Innistrad)
Arid Mesa (illustrated by John Avon; set in Amonkhet)
Misty Rainforest (illustrated by Seb McKinnon; set in Ixalan)

The Secret Lair - Ultimate Edition will be available at your local game store on May 29. All stores in the WPN network are able to order the new product, so if you're a WPN store owner, contact your distributor.

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