Magic: The Gathering Players Would Be Familiar With This Card From Richard Garfield's New Game, Artifact

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Art Credit: Robbie Trevino

Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield has designed a new digital collectible card game called Artifact for Valve, and it's expected to be released on Windows, macOS, and Linux this November. Now, the official Artifact Twitter page revealed a card that will be familiar to some Magic players. It's called Howling Mind, and its effect is also similar to its Magic counterpart.

Check out Howling Mind with artwork by James Paick:

This would definitely remind Magic players of the Magic card Howling Mine, an artifact type card that also lets players draw an extra card each turn.

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Since Richard Garfield designed both card games, this shouldn't come as a surprise to Magic players but it's fun to see a homage to one of the game's earliest cards.

You can watch the Artifact gameplay video from IGN below:


Valve's Artifact will be released on November 28, 2018. It's also expected to release for Android sometime in 2019.

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