Magic: The Gathering Easter Eggs in The New Frantic Search Art Revealed

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Wizards of the Coast

All the cards from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering masters set have already been revealed, and some reprints feature new artworks. One of the cards with new art is Frantic Search by Mitchell Malloy and it actually features some Easter eggs some Magic fans would recognize.

According to Magic creative text writer Loreley Weisel, she confirmed with the artist that there are thirteen Easter eggs in the new Ultimate Masters art of Frantic Search. The Easter eggs are objects from Magic's past, and they include:


#1: Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII

#2 Book of Rass

#3 Cogworker's Puzzleknot


#4 Decoction Module

#5 Icy Manipulator

#6 Spellbook


#7 Sensei's Divining Top

#8 Aether Vial

#9 Frantic Search


#10 Grimoire of the Dead

#11 Charm School

#12 Walking Archive

#13 Artificer's Assistant

Ultimate Masters is set to release on December 7. MSRP price is $335.76 per box (only available in local game stores) and $34.99 per 3-pack blisterpack. It will only be available in English and Japanese.

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