Magic: The Gathering Commander Rules Change Will Make Some Cards More Powerful

Magic: The Gathering's Commander format is getting a major rules change that might make certain commanders more powerful.

At last weekend's CommandFest that took place digitally, the Commander Rules Committee revealed the rule change they're planning to make for the fan-favorite MTG format, and the official announcement will be made soon after the prerelease of Core Set 2021. The change will facilitate "death" triggers for commanders.

During the livestream, Commander Rules Committee member Toby Elliott confirmed that this rules change will come into effect as of the Core 2021 rules update. According to Elliott, the Commander RC took a lot of time deliberating seven different major ways on how to implement this rule.

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Elliottt also said that the change will affect how Commanders work when entering the exile zone. However, he didn't say if the change will affect other permanents' triggered abilities or not.

Now, Commanders that have triggers on death like Child of Alara or Keiga, the Tide Star will become more powerful now thanks to this rule change. However, this change has been well-received by the community so far. An official article about this rule change will be up on the Commander's website.

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What do you think about this Commander rules change? Do you think certain Commanders will dominate games more? Let us know in the comments below.

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