Madame Web Movie Finally Gets Exciting Update

A few years ago, we learned that Sony is developing a film centering on the character Madame Web as part of their Spider-Man Universe slate. Ever since then, there hasn't been much development on the project except the hiring of S.J. Clarkson as the director. Now, it looks like it will finally move forward this year.

According to notorious scooper Charles Murphy, Sony is planning to move forward with Madame Web this year with locations already set although there are no details yet about its potential production start date. We do have to take note that this didn't come from an official announcement from Sony nor reported by the major trades so we have to take this with a grain of salt for now.

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No actress has also been cast yet so far for the titular role. However, in a recent interview, Sandra Bullock has seemingly expressed her interest to play the character if she ever gets offered to play the role. It would be interesting to see if Sony will jump to the idea of casting her, especially since it's been reported that they are looking for an A-list actress for the role.

If the scoop is true at all, it is exciting to hear that Madame Web is finally moving forward soon as it has been in development for years now and there has also been some interest in the project. It also looks like the studio decided to head to the production stage thanks to the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home which reignited the love for the Spider-Man franchise and showed its wide appeal to the general audience. Let's just wait and see if the studio will make any official announcement about the recent development of the project soon.

Madame Web is just one of several Sony's Spider-Man Universe projects that are in the works right now. They are also developing a film centering on Kraven the Hunter, Jackpot, a third Venom film, and a female-centric project directed by Olivia Wilde which is rumored to be about Spider-Woman.

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The next entry in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, Morbius, is set to be released in theaters on April 1.

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