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Sandra Bullock Comments on Rumored Spider-Man Casting

Sandra Bullock is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, but she hasn't ventured yet into the comic book genre which is popular right now. There are fans who would definitely love to see her play a comic book character whether it's a superhero or an antagonist or a pivotal supporting role. Now, the award-winning actress has finally commented on the possibility of her joining the comic book world.

During her recent guest stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bullock was asked by Jimmy Kimmel if she was already approached by Marvel to join the franchise to which she responded with a surprisingly no. "I don't think I'm Marvel material," she said.

However, she was pressed by Kimmel about the rumors that she may be joining a Marvel project soon, particularly a possible role in a Spider-Man film. The actress responded in a joking manner, "You know what, if that were a rumor that my son had heard, do you know how much I would get him to do in the house. I would be so successful in my requests. Who did they say I would be? His grandmother or something?"

Kimmel explained to the actress that she is rumored to be in the running on the role of Madame Web. She asked (in a joking manner again), "Why was I not hired for this? What happened to the talks? I need to know. Because I think I would be amazing with the psychic-ness of this."

You might say that Bullock might just be playing coy, but if you look at the interview, she really looks genuine about having no idea about the rumors. It is very likely that she is not really in a running right now to be playing Madame Web or become part of a comic book movie in general.

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It was reported a few years ago that Sony is working on a Madame Web movie, but there hasn't been many updates or latest development since then. With his interview, maybe Sony will now consider Bullock to play Madame Web. Perhaps even Marvel Studios or DC Films would also start to think about offering the actress a role in their movies. She will definitely be a great addition to whatever superhero franchise she might be joining in.

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