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Lycoris Recoil Fans Try to Predict Chisato and Takina’s Yuri Ending

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Lycoris Recoil Yuri Ending Chisato Takina

With the series ending soon, Lycoris Recoil fans are trying to predict how yuri the show’s ending would be in a recent poll.

Specifically, a poll on the Lycoris Recoil subreddit asked fans what level of yuri the ending of the series will be, whether it’s a full-on romantic kiss between Chisato and Takina, or if there will be no confession of feelings at all.

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, "yuri", in the context of anime, is a genre that features an intimate relationship between female characters. This can be a romantic relationship or something deep, but platonic.

Going by this definition, Lycoris Recoil qualifies as a yuri anime, especially as it centers around Takina and Chisato.

The series’ setting is an alternate version of Japan where the peace is kept by “Lycoris” – an all-female group of assassins and spies who help keep Japan safe from terrorists and criminals. Among these agents is Takina Inoue.

The story begins with Takina, as she is demoted for disobeying orders during one operation. Because of this, Takina is transferred to LycoReco café, an undercover agency branch where she is partnered with Chisato Nishigiki.

Takina and Chisato are unlikely partners due to their contrasting personalities. Despite this, the two quickly form a deep bond.

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In the last couple of episodes, the bond between the two has deepened, prompting lots of fans to speculate about the series’ finale.

Over a thousand of these fans participated in the recent Reddit poll, giving us a look at how fans think the show will end.

Here are the poll choices (paraphrased for clarity) and the percentage of votes:

  1. Honest-to-goodness on-screen romantic kiss – 26.9%
  2. Ambiguous confession (might be romantic or platonic) – 24.5%
  3. No confession or kiss – 19.9%
  4. Explicit romantic confession – 12.5%
  5. Implied off-screen kiss – 11.2%
  6. Sunken ship (by rejection, character death, etc.) – 4.9%

As you can see, most fans voted for either an on-screen kiss or an ambiguous confession.

The ambiguous confession can be seen as the safer or more typical ending, but a definitive romantic kiss is on the cards, according to fans.

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Viewers of Lycoris Recoil won’t be too surprised if this happens. After all, the show doesn’t shy away from same-sex relationships. For instance, one of the characters is practically confirmed to be gay.

Lycoris Recoil is a TV anime by A-1 Pictures that’s directed by Shingo Adachi and written by Asaura. It is an original anime series and has become one of the surprise hits of Summer 2022.

The series is now down to its final two episodes, both of which will stream on Crunchyroll.

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