Will Chisato and Takina End Up Together in Lycoris Recoil?

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Will Chisato and Takina End Up Together in Lycoris Recoil?: Chisato and Takina
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Does Chisato like Takina? Does Takina have hidden feelings for Chisato? Is Lycoris Recoil even a yuri anime? With the amount of cute, borderline romantic Chisato x Takina moments the show has graced us so far, fans can't help but ask these questions. So what are the odds of Chisato and Takina ending up together in Lycoris Recoil?

Before we could get an answer (or a clue, at the very least), we'll have to first take a look at the girls' possible feelings for each other.

Does Chisato Like Takina?

Will Chisato and Takina End Up Together in Lycoris Recoil?: Takina trying to feel Chisato's heart
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Chisato is Lycoris Recoil's poster "genki" character. She is always energetic, chatty, and has no problem getting along with anyone. She has even managed to soften the walled-up, ever-serious Takina.

Chisato is nice to everybody, even to the bad guys, but it's pretty obvious she treats Takina somewhat even better. Is this only because Takina was put in her care as her partner, or is it because she feels deeper emotions for her?

Being the more showy one, Chisato has visibly blushed a couple of times during her interactions with Takina.

While that in itself isn't telling, it's the fact that she blushes at things that girl friends normally do that makes it suspicious. It's even more strange considering she usually has no issues being respectfully touchy with anyone.

Without a canon confirmation, however, we can't say for sure that Chisato sees Takina as more than a friend. What we do know is Chisato absolutely adores Takina as her junior.

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Does Takina Like Chisato?

Will Chisato and Takina End Up Together in Lycoris Recoil?: Takina listening for Chisato's heartbeat
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Completely unlike Chisato, Takina almost never smiles, always prefers to work instead of having fun, and is simply serious almost 100% of the time.

But Takina's relationship with Chisato has caused her to open up, not only to Chisato but to everyone else too. She would have definitely seen Chisato's efforts to keep her involved and happy.

After Takina found out DA had practically discarded her, Chisato went straight to her defense, even questioning their head and winning a battle against Takina's bullies.

These actions definitely helped seal Chisato and Takina's friendship, putting a stop to concerns of betrayal between them, at least for now.

Takina has come a long way from being the uncaring, only-here-for-work girl that she was. And she knows it's mostly because of Chisato.

Takina definitely has strong admiration for Chisato, and maybe she looks at their relationship as nothing but a platonic connection.

But love can open people's hearts up, awakening emotions that they had chosen to keep dormant. We definitely can't rule out romance between Chisato and Takina.

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Will Chisato and Takina End Up Together?

Will Chisato and Takina End Up Together in Lycoris Recoil?: Chisato and Takina spinning hug
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Now for the million-dollar question: Will Chisato and Takina end up together in Lycoris Recoil?

Sorry, Chisato x Takina shippers, nothing in the anime so far has hinted at a possible budding romance between the two.

Sure, their sweet moments are reminiscent of those of classic anime couples, but they're not enough to conclude that Chisato and Takina will end up being in a romantic relationship with each other.

With that being said, I'm sure it can't hurt to hope. After all, the mismatched duo has ticked a number of items off the romance anime checklist!

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