Lycoris Recoil Cast Reveal Their Favorite Moments Ahead of Episode 13 Finale

Lycoris Recoil Episode 13 takina kurumi chisato

Lycoris Recoil Episode 13 takina kurumi chisato

With the show’s finale scheduled to release soon, a new interview with Lycoris Recoil cast members revealed their favorite moments from the series ahead of its conclusion in Episode 13.

Recently, Animate Times released an interview with Ami Koshimizu (voice of Mizuki Nakahara), Kosuke Sakaki (voice of Mika), and Misaki Kuno (voice of Kurumi).

There, the three supporting cast members revealed not only their favorite moments but also the parts where they laughed the most.

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To start, the three cast members that form the rest of the LycoReco staff were asked about their favorite moment in the series so far, not counting the events of Episode 12 and the soon-to-release Episode 13.

Koshimizu shared that her favorite episode so far is the 7th as it centered on Mika's past. Though she also mentioned that she also loved the part in Episode 8 that featured Takina’s unique parfait.

As for Sakaki, he mentioned that Episode 5 is his favorite. Aside from enjoying the Tokyo sightseeing part, he also shared how the episode revealed lots of interesting information that will be relevant in the latter part of the season, including Chisato’s artificial heart and Mika’s past.

Kuno said meanwhile that she loves all the episodes, but if she had to pick, she will also go with Episode 5.

She said that the fifth episode is a great representation of the series as it balances a relaxing and fun story with some intense action in the latter half.

lycoris recoil chisato takina mizuki mika
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As for their favorite comedic moments, Koshimizu and Kuno both said that Episode 7 had the funniest moment for them.

Specifically, the moment near the end where Mizuki was in a shiny dress and was about to return to the members-only bar after not being able to do so the night before.

Kuno also added that the parfait scene in Episode 8 is another highlight, especially as she and Koshimizu did lots of ad-libs during the recording.

As for Sakaki, he also said that Episode 7 was a highlight in terms of comedy. Though he also said that the reveal of Chisato’s room design in Episode 6 along with Chisato and Takina’s Japanese language class were also quite funny.

Lycoris Recoil Episode 13 is set to release this weekend, and it will be the season’s final episode. Though there’s no word yet on if there will be a second season for the anime.

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