Lovelyz Yein Finds New Agency Ahead Solo Debut

Credit: WOOLLIMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: WOOLLIMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Lovelyz Yein joined the other six members who left Woollim Entertainment following their group’s disbandment, leaving Baby Soul behind.

Lovelyz’s agency first confirmed the saddening news on November 1, saying that the seven members of the girl group would leave the label after choosing not to renew their contracts. Jia, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong, and Yein had since departed from Woollim Entertainment.

All members penned their heartfelt messages to their fandom, Lovelinus. The youngest member, Yein, had been part of the agency since she was 17 years old, and leaving her post made her feel like she was leaving home.

But after braving the challenges, the maknae finally got the courage to move forward – with her new agency.

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Lovelyz Yein Signs Contract With Sublime Artist Agency

A representative from Sublime Artist Agency confirmed on Tuesday that Yein and the label formally secured an exclusive contract months after the K-pop idol left Woollim.

The company celebrated her arrival by sharing a statement to fans, saying she would make a solo debut soon.

“We’ve signed an exclusive contract with Yein. We’ll fully support her so that she can showcase her talents in various fields such as music, acting, and variety shows. Please show lots of anticipation and support for Yein’s activities in the future,” the representative said, as quoted by Soompi.

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The official Twitter account of the agency also shared the new profile pictures of the idol, welcoming her through the social media account. The label’s representative added that Yein would soon release her first album under them.

Sublime Artist Agency is home to award-winning artists and actors, including Rain, Hani, Jackson Wang, Yoon Jeong Hee, and Choi Young Jae.

The new development came over a month after Korean media outlets revealed that Yeon met with the agency’s representatives as she searched for a new label. At that time, the company confirmed the meeting but dismissed the claims that they had already entered agreements.

Where Are The Other Lovelyz Members Now?

So far, the other members of Lovelyz have also found their new agencies while others are still searching for new homes.

Mijoo already rose to fame by being part of the Yoo Jaesuk-line even before the girl group’s disbandment. But after leaving Woollim, she decided to sign with Yoo Hee Yeol’s Antenna. Meanwhile, Yoo Jiae started to work on herself to become an actress under YG K+.

Other members’ nests include Mystic Story (Jisoo) and PALMTREE ISLAND (Kei). Jin and Sujeong are yet to secure a contract with their desired companies.

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