ENHYPEN Speaks Candidly About New Comeback Album, DIMENSION: ANSWER

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

ENHYPEN raised their flag again through their recent repackage album, DIMENSION : ANSWER.

Following the success of their Border extended plays series, the K-pop boy group launched the DIMENSION in October 2021. For the studio album’s first part, they dropped DIMENSION : DILEMMA, which peaked Gaon Music Chart, Oricon Albums Chart, Billboard Japan, and US Billboard Charts. It also focused on the story of youth falling into dilemma due to their various desires in a complicated world.

A few months after the predecessor came out, ENHYPEN dropped another chapter to continue the story.

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As a New Year gift for fans, the K-pop boy group released a repackage album and talked about youth finally becoming suspicious of the answers society has given to them. Instead of listening to other people, the young individuals in the album find their own answers instead.

The members recently talked about the album in a new interview (posted by Soompi) and how they think of their current concept.

According to Sunwoo, the members’ story was partially reflected in the album concept. As DIMENSION : ANSWER focuses on the realizations that one can find their life alone, ENHYPEN reportedly faced the same as they once searched for their paths to prove what they got.

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They also offered a contrasting message between their two songs, Tamed-Dashed and Blessed-Cursed. Per Ni-ki, they wanted to have a strong image in the recent comeback.

“Like our seniors BTS, we want to give off the feeling of sharp and synchronized choreography, so we observed a lot of what they did. We want to be a group that is acknowledged for our synchronized performances,” Jungwon said.

Meanwhile, Sunghoon said that their new project has the most challenging choreography so far. Jungwon, meanwhile, agreed and revealed they worked on managing their stamina.

ENHYPEN Returns With Album That ‘Defines’ Them

Aside from showering their new album with compliments, ENHYPEN members also took their time to explain why DIMENSION : ANSWER has the “most ENHYPEN-LIKE” songs so far.

Jay recalled how they had a dark vibe during their debut. But since they got positive responses following their second-album promotions, they decided to stick with that concept while thinking of delivering a powerful impact on stage.

“We want to imprint the name of ENHYPEN in as many people as possible. We’re proud to say that we have prepared an amazing performance. We want to work hard so that people can call us the K-pop group with the most amazing performances,” he went on.

Following their recent album release, the K-pop group hinted at their plans to have a world tour this year.

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