HIGHLIGHT Yoseob Sings New OST For Our Beloved Summer

Credit: OFFICIAL HIGHLIGHT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: OFFICIAL HIGHLIGHT/YouTube Screenshot

HIGHLIGHT Yoseob lent his voice to sing the new OST for the hit series, Our Beloved Summer.

Outside his career with HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as BEAST/B2ST), Yoseob familiarized himself in helming heartfelt OSTs for different K-drama series in the past years.

As the main vocalist of the K-pop boy group, he easily managed to get the chance to sing fan-favorite dramas’ OSTs. So far, he was already featured in More Charming by the Day with his song Happy BirthdayI Cherish That Person (My Princess), Loving You (All My Love), and The Tree (The Emperor: Owner of the Mask).

Most recently, he landed another fortune and became the latest artist to sing a song for Our Beloved Summer.

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Yoseob Intensifies Scenes With I Still Like You

Yoseob officially became part of the hit series after his soundtrack, I Still Like You got first featured on Our Beloved Summer’s January 11 episode.

The new OST arrived with an official music video featuring Choi Ung (Choi Woo Sik) and Kook Yeon Soo (Kim Dami). It highlighted Yoseob’s calm vocals and delivered lyrics about love confession. Yoseob’s I Still Like You arrived on time, as the two characters started realizing their deeper feelings toward each other.

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Our Beloved Summer viewers immediately applauded Yoseob’s angelic voice, and it made them download the song immediately through various music platforms.

Aside from Yoseob, seven artists already recorded a song for the series, including 10CM (Drawer), BIBI (Maybe If), Ha Sung Woon (Squabble), Kim Na Young (There For You), BTS V (Christmas Tree), Janet Suhh (Home and Why), Lee Seung Yoon (The Giving Tree), and Sam Kim (Summer Rain).

Yoseob Having a Great Time as Soloist

Before joining the slew of Korean music artists on Our Beloved Summer, Yoseob already graced the platforms with his first full-length album.

In September, the HIGHLIGHT member dropped Chocolate Box, which serves as his third solo release following his solo mini-album The First Collage and White in 2020 and 2018, respectively.

In an interview with The Korea Herald, he shared how he always wanted to have a full-length album.

“I had always set my heart on releasing a full-length album as a soloist,” he said. “I shared my thoughts with my company, and they were positive as well. So the road to releasing my first LP wasn’t that much of a hassle.”

With the recent positive responses he got because of his new OST, he might drop another music soon.

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