Lovelyz Kei To Grow Her Career As Musical Actress After Girl Group’s Disbandment

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Lovelyz Kei will be part of a new world after leaving Woollim Entertainment and the girl group.

Outside Lovelyz, Kei proved she could help herself find a spot in the industry by joining several shows and launching music as a soloist. In fact, she immediately scored a gig one year after her debut as she was selected to sing Oh My Venus’s song, Love Is Like That, in 2015.


She also joined several competitions, like Girls Spirit and King of Mask Singer. Kei bloomed even more through her high-profile collaborations and solo releases.

As she is now free from her former agency, Kei will finally be able to pursue one career she always wanted – a musical singer.

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Lovelyz Kei To Become Musical Singer After Girl Group’s Disbandment

PALMTREE ISLAND first confirmed on Monday that the K-pop idol signed with them to expand her career as a musical actress. The agency revealed the development in a new statement to the public.

The label, as translated by Soompi, said that they secured an exclusive contract with the Lovelyz’s former vocalist. It also showered her with love and compliments, calling Kei a singer with “solid skills and pure charisma.”


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“After careful discussion over a long period of time, we’ve confirmed Kei’s potential and endless possibility for development, so we won’t hold back our full support in giving her strength in the future. Please show lots of interest and support for Kei, who has announced her new start as a musical actress,” the statement continued.

PALMTREE ISLAND is also home to A-list singers, including JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim So Hyun, Yang Seo Yoon, Jin Tae Hwa, and Jung Sun Ah, among others.

Kei Sends Heartfelt Messages to Fans

Following PALMTREE ISLAND’s announcement, Kei took to her Instagram page to share the news with her fans.

The K-pop idol shared her official profile pictures for the company, flaunting her visuals and “new look” as she used to have bangs throughout the girl group’s promotions.


“I’ll now be taking on the beginnings of new challenges together with PALMTREE ISLAND. In order for this entire moment to shine, I’ll continue to work hard to showcase even better music and performances as well as various activities,” she said.

Kei also asked her fans to show interest and support as she embarks on her new journey as an artist.

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