Love All Play Episode 1: Park Ju Hyun And Chae Jong Hyeop's New Drama Kicks Off With Modest Start

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Credit: DisneyPlus Hotstar Malaysia / YouTube screenshot

The newest sports-themed K-drama Love All Play which stars Park Ju Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop, officially made its premiere.

Released on April 20, the 16-part episode series entertained viewers with the duo's on-screen chemistry as they played the roles of badminton athletes Park Tae Yang and Park Tae Joon.

Love All Play Viewership Rating

For the pilot episode of the KBS series, Love All Play episode 1, kicked off with a modest start.

According to Nielsen Korea, the newest Wednesday and Thursday K-drama garnered an average nationwide rating of 1.9 percent. Despite having a rough start, viewers are looking forward to the main characters' growth as the story progresses.

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Love All Play Episode 1 Highlights: Park Tae Yang Returns to the Court

The pilot episode starts with Park Tae Yang (Park Ju Hyun) leaving her work at the fish shop to continue her dream of becoming an Olympian and heads directly to the badminton stadium.

Behind the court, two representatives from the opposing team were nowhere to be found. Park Tae Joon (Chae Jong Hyeop) makes an absurd excuse and tells his coach about the funeral of his relative.

Meanwhile, the Yunis team representative, Yook Jung Hwan (Kim Moo Joon), wants to rest and refuses to attend the tournament.

Being a silver medalist, Jung Hwan demands his coach to let him practice on his own terms, which means going to the court whenever he wants.

On the other hand, as Park Tae Yang paid a visit to the stadium, she was recognized by a fellow player.

In Love All Play episode 1, it illustrates why she had a 3 year hiatus. It turns out that the badminton prodigy, who is known for her skills, was involved in a scandal after bribing a sports official. However, it seems like there's a deeper meaning behind this.

Park Tae Joon Reunites With Park Tae Jang

Planning to quit the sport, Tae Joon decides to apply as a badminton coach, mainly due to the salary he will get as compared to being a player.

At the gymnasium, he unexpectedly saw Tae Jang, who is coach Park Man Soo's daughter.

Here, the duo got a chance to reunite and recall their past. Initially, she pretended not to know Tae Joon but later on mentioned his encounter with him when they were little.

In the latter part of Love All Play episode 1, the badminton prodigy left words of wisdom to Park Tae Joon. She said that he had to think twice before retiring from the sport.

"It's not easy as it sounds for someone who has lived on the court to leave the court," she said before parting ways with Tae Joon.

If you can't get enough of Park Ju Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop's new drama, Love All Play episode 2 release date is scheduled on April 21 at 9:50 p.m. KST via KBS.

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