Locke and Key's Joe Hill Talks His Doctor Who Pitch and BBC's Harsh Rejection

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Netflix's Locke and Key is now available for the world to see, with many fans intrigued by the premise and its setting. While some fans are a bit shocked by the adaptation, especially when compared to the comic book from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez but it seems to be doing okay. Hill has been writing for quite some time now, whether it's comic books or actual novels but the son of Stephen King did actually try to write for Doctor Who.

Oddly enough, Joe Hill recently went on record to say that he attempted to write for the acclaimed BBC series. Hill admits that he and his kids are big fans of Doctor Who, even claiming that he has a life-size TARDIS in his house. The writer even worked with Neil Gaiman, who has written a number of Doctor Who episodes, to get the perfect pitch.


Even with Gaiman's help, Joe Hill got one of the harshest rejection letters we've ever seen. It was a really harsh statement from the BBC and we're not sure why they decided to go all-in on their mean answer. Here's how Hill recalled it to CBR:

"The rejection I got 48 hours later said: 'we've never let an American write for this show and if we were, we wouldn't start with you.' Which is the most smoking-hot rejection of my career."

We're glad that Joe Hill took it all in stride but why would they be so mean about it? At the least, Hill has been pretty successful recently, not only with Locke and Key but a number of other cool books. Locke and Key is now streaming on Netflix.

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