Lim Young Woong Saves Stranger's Life Following Tragic Car Accident

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Lim Young Woong has been known as a South Korean trot singer, but his fans recently discovered he could do something amazing aside from performing.

Unlike the other trot singers in South Korea, Lim Young Woong got lucky following his 2016 debut with Hate You, as he immediately scored attention with his music. He rose to fame even more when he beat 17,000 applicants on the show, Mr. Trot.


He already set new records as a trot singer, like becoming the first trot artist to earn a Gold Play Button from YouTube.

Lim Young Woong continues to become an ideal singer in the music industry, but he left people in shock even more after showing his skill and bravery to save a stranger.

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Lim Young Woong Saves a Stranger

Star News, via Naver, reported that Lim Young Woong was present at the scene when a traffic accident happened on January 21. The crash reportedly happened on the Olympic highway near the Banpo Bridge.

A driver who got involved in the accident immediately lost consciousness upon impact, and the trot singer reportedly became the first one to perform CPR before the medical responders arrived.


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Witnesses told the news outlet that a van hit several cars before crashing into the guardrail. Another source confirmed that they saw a man approaching the vehicle after seeing a woman trying to wake up the man in the driver's seat. The person then put the driver in a lying position and performed CPR on the scene.

It turned out that the man was Lim Young Woong. After giving an initial CPR to the driver, the trot singer and other people brought the man out of the car and covered him with a blanket before performing the procedure again.

Seocho fire department eventually confirmed Lim Young Woong's immediate response to the scene.

Lim Young Woong's Agency Applauded Singer

Following the authorities of Lim Young Woong's involvement, the singer's agency, Mulgogi Music, released a statement to reveal more details about the incident.


Per the company, the musician was driving after finishing a work schedule when he witnessed the accident that already caused a traffic jam. Since he was close to the scene, he immediately parked his car and saved a man.

"He was taken aback since it was his first time in this kind of situation, but he was able to quickly help the injured person. It was a kind of situation where anyone would have helped if they had been on the scene," the agency said.

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