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IVE Members Share Unique Personalities in New Interview For Cosmopolitan Korea

Credit: STARSHIPTV/YouTube Screenshot

IVE broke the barriers in the K-pop industry and became a gamechanger following their debut.

As the newest Starship Entertainment's girl group, IVE surely felt the pressure since the label previously had SISTAR as its ace before their disbandment. Although they only made their debut in December, the six-member girl group is already making noises in the K-pop music scene in Korea and abroad.

With their debut song Eleven, IVE seemingly skipped the monster rookie title as they already showed off extraordinary parts of them. In fact, those led them to rack up wins from music shows and global charts.

While embracing their newfound fame, the girl group members took their time to look back on their trainee days and their current personalities after their debut.

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IVE Remains United Despite Members' Different Personalities

As part of their collaboration with Cosmopolitan Korea, the six K-pop idols revealed their traits and what makes them unique.

An Yu Jin started by claiming that she is a shy extrovert, although her Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) says she is an ISTP. Still, she honestly shared that it always takes her a long time before she shows a comfortable image of herself to another person. But as IVE's leader, she reportedly started teaching herself to become a flexible person who can adopt the attitudes depending on the situation.

"I've gotten a lot of help from Gaeul unnie [older sister or friend]. I think it's better that I'm not the oldest. Even if I'm the leader, there are things I'm not familiar with and there are times when I make mistakes. In those moments, unnie gives me a lot of strength," she said.

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Meanwhile, Gaeul shared her first impressions of the other IVE members, saying that Liz stood out compared to others. Per the idol, she thought that her co-member was a quiet and calm person. But as she spent more time with her, she found out that Liz is a funny and easygoing individual.

Rei, a Japanese member, revealed that the members think she is random. Despite that, she has one goal outside IVE, and it is to become an artist who can perform any genre.

Knowing herself became Jang Won Young's greatest charm. She explained that she has perfectionist tendencies when she is working. But outside the music scene, she always does things without any plans.

Liz and Leeseo, on the other hand, have contrasting personalities as Liz is a shy type while the IVE's maknae is someone who can uplift other members' moods.

IVE Scores New Milestone

Although they have different traits, IVE members become one whenever they are on stage. In fact, they quickly scored their first number 1 album in South Korea with their debut project, Eleven.

The debut release rose from No. 4 to the top of newest Gaon Albums chart. The album initially arrived at No. 3 before it played around the top five of the list.

Forbes noted that the group's sales have been rising steadily since then, and IVE would surely savor more wins soon.

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