Lim Joon Hyuk Tragic Cause of Death: Comedian Dead at 42

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Credit: Mnet TV/YouTube Screenshot

Lim Joon Hyuk, a South Korean comedian, has been found dead inside his home.

For nearly two decades, Lim Joon Hyuk successfully did his job to make people laugh and happy with his hilarious tirades on different shows.

However, recent news about his death broke people’s hearts instead.

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Comedian Lim Joon Hyuk Dead at 42

Lim Joon Hyuk’s life and career have been cut short by his untimely passing. Initial reports first confirmed that the comedian was found dead inside his home on the night of May 27.

“Lim Joon Hyuk was found dead at his home. The cause of death was revealed to be a heart attack,” the report said.

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Lim Joon Hyuk’s exact cause of death remains unknown. But it has since been assumed that he died of a heart attack. As of press time, his family and friends have come together to pay tribute to him at his wake at the Severance Hospital in Sinchon, Seoul.

His family has not released an official statement to address the recent tragic event.

He never talked about health issues or history to his fans. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that patients usually experience symptoms before a heart attack happens. It includes chest pain, feeling weak, pain in different body parts (jaw, neck, back, arms, or shoulders), and shortness of breath.

Lim Joon Hyuk’s Legacy

His death came as a shock, especially since he had been enjoying a stable career since entering the entertainment world in 2003.

Among the programs, he became part of were People Looking for a Laugh and Gag Concert.

Aside from being a comedian, he also unleashed his musical talent through I Can See Your Voice 5 in 2018. He surprised the viewers with his singing skills and his capacity to imitate the voices of different singers.

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