Lightyear Star Chris Evans Shares Idea for Another Toy Story Spinoff

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Being a Toy Story side character for more than two decades, fan-beloved Buzz Lightyear is finally set to take the lead with Lightyear, and it will arrive this June. The upcoming Disney-Pixar animated film will follow Buzz's origin story as the famous space ranger. Now that one character from the renowned Toy Story franchise developed, it leaves the door open for more spinoffs centered on Toy Story characters.

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At Lightyear's premiere, Chris Evans, who voices Buzz Lightyear in the film, was questioned by Variety about which other Toy Story characters also deserve a spinoff. "Look, I'm a big Woody fan, so maybe he's next," Evans replied. "As Toy Story fans recall, Woody's origins were explored in Toy Story 2, with the classic kids show "Woody's Roundup" becoming a focal point of the plot and introducing the other new toys into the sequel. Even with that already in the canon, the potential for say a dark-and-gritty modern reboot seems....kind of like a cool idea? Especially if Pixar keeps their tongue in their cheek.

Well, that's not really surprising. Woody has taken the lead ever since the first Toy Story film premiered in 1996. Even after three more installments, the plot still centered on Woody's arc in Toy Story 4, where he discovered his new purpose after reuniting with Bo Peep. Toy Story 4's conclusion might be heart-wrenching for the fans as Buzz and Woody ultimately parted ways and will now follow their own path, this also opens more storylines for both characters, and the main Toy Story plot can now proceed with Buzz taking the lead.


Fans would certainly love to see a Toy Story spinoff based on Woody, but it might also be wise for the franchise to focus on other characters that are not getting so much limelight. After all, Woody has taken the lead for years, and they can now focus more on other characters such as Jessie, the Green Little Aliens, or Rex.

Lightyear will hit the big screens on June 17.

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