Liar Liar Dub Release Date: When Will It Be Dubbed in English?

Liar Liar Dub Release Date: When Will It Be Dubbed in English? Shinohara Hiroto
Credit: Geek Toys

Liar Liar Dub Release Date: When Will It Be Dubbed in English? Shinohara Hiroto
Credit: Geek Toys

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This is the time of year when anime fans are wondering about the English dub releases for new anime shows! One of which is Liar Liar, which will be streaming on Crunchyroll! So, will Liar Liar be dubbed in English? If so, when will it be released?

Liar Liar is a romance, comedy, ecchi, and psychological anime produced by studio GeekToys.

It features the peculiar story of Hiroto Shinohara, as he becomes Academy Island’s top student due to a strange incident with the so-called "Empress", Sarasa Saionji!

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Will Liar Liar Be Dubbed in English?

Yes! Liar Liar will be dubbed in English! Crunchyroll confirms this news ahead of the pilot episode of the anime, along with other summer shows like Masamune-kun’s Revenge Season 2, Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3, and Horimiya: The Missing Pieces, just to name a few!

Surely, the anticipation for Liar Liar is strong, as the English dub version will drop anytime soon! It is understandable, given the success of Liar Liar’s source material, despite running for over four years now!

Liar Liar (not to be confused with Liar x Liar) is based on the light novel of the same name written by Haruki Kuo and illustrated by Konomi.

It has been published by Media Factory since 2019 and was picked up by Yen Press for English releases.

What’s more, Liar Liar also got a manga adaptation, illustrated by Funa Yukina.

It has been running since August 27, 2019, in Monthly Comic Alive and has released two manga volumes at the time of writing.

The Liar Liar anime is set on an artificial island called "Academy", which houses 20 school districts.

On the island, the students are competing with each other to get stars. These stars are a symbol of societal hierarchy, which pushes the students to obsess over getting one!

Meet Hiroto Shinohara, Academy Island’s newest transfer student! Rumors say that he was able to get the highest mark in the enrollment exam, but what’s even more intriguing is that he became the fastest student to be able to get the coveted title of "Seven Star".

Unbeknownst to other students, Hiroto is keeping a huge secret regarding his title. What will become of Hiroto?

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Liar Liar English Dub Release Date

As of writing, Liar Liar’s English dub release date is still unknown. Crunchyroll has yet to confirm the exact English dub release date of Liar Liar, but we are expecting that it will arrive mid-season.

This is usually the schedule of English dub releases based on previous anime shows. With this, we can assume that Liar Liar’s English dub will be released by late July or early August 2023.

The process of producing an anime’s English dub is very taxing. It will take so much time, hard work, and effort to produce one, considering the script writing, casting, and recording of the entire process.

For the time being, fans will have to wait for more information regarding Liar Liar’s English dub release date.

There’s still the option of watching this anime with English subtitles once Episode 1 gets released on Crunchyroll!

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Liar Liar English Dub Cast

Liar Liar English Dub Cast
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Credit: Geek Toys

As announced, Crunchyroll has yet to confirm the English dub cast of Liar Liar. So, for now, we can only provide the Japanese voice cast for the show!

Here are the voice actors for Liar Liar:

  • Nakamura Genta (James in Shadows House) as Shinohara Hiroto
  • Kuramochi Wakana (Lilia Kudelfeyt in Vermeil in Gold) as Saionji Sarasa
  • Shuto Yukina (Mahiru Mizuhara in World’s End Harem) as Himeji Shirayuki
  • Yamamura Hibiku (Ingrit in Dia Horizon) as Kagaya Ami
  • Kuwashima Houko (Kagura in Azumanga Daioh) as Ichinose Natsume
  • Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass) as Kugasaki Seiran
  • Enoki Junya (Dolce in By the Grace of the Gods) as Enomoto Shinji
  • Mochizuki Mai (Kayama in O Maidens in Your Savage Season) as Tsuji Yuki
  • Seto Momoko as Tatara Fuka
  • Tachibana Rika (Reiko Arisugawa in Shomin Sample) as Akizuki Noa
  • Onishi Saori (Nagi Kirima in Boogiepop and Others) as Asamiya Nanase
  • Tokui Sora (Uzuki Nakano in Danchigai) as Kazami Suzuran
  • Moriyama Yurika (Kaede Otori in Komi Can’t Communicate) as Shiina Tsumugi

Once the English dub actors are announced, this article will be updated!

Liar Liar English Dub Trailer

Unfortunately, no English dub trailer has been released yet for Liar Liar. But you may enjoy the anime’s promotional video for now!

Witness Hiroto Shinohara’s reign on Academy Island in Liar Liar! Will he be able to keep this façade?

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