How Many Episodes Will Liar Liar Have?

How Many Episodes Will Liar Liar Have? Sarasa Saionji
Credit: Geek Toys

How Many Episodes Will Liar Liar Have? Sarasa Saionji
Credit: Geek Toys

The summer anime season is finally here, but so is a new romance, comedy, ecchi, and psychological anime titled Liar Liar! But how many episodes will Liar Liar have?

Liar Liar (not to be confused with Liar x Liar) is adapted from Haruki Kuo’s light novel of the same name, with illustrations by konomi.

It has been running since 2019, having released 13 light novel volumes at the time of writing.

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What Will the Liar Liar Anime Cover?

Depending on the pacing of the anime, the Liar Liar anime will most likely cover two or three light novel volumes.

This new anime introduces the audience to Academy Island, also known as Shiki Island. It is an artificial island built a couple hundred kilometers southeast of Tokyo Bay.

According to rumors, Academy Island was first funded by a financial corporation. They want the island to be a site where they can develop a program to raise new social elites.

However, the program established by these financial corporations generated outcomes that were beyond expectations.

Academy Island is now a great city divided into 20 school districts with a total population of one million people.

The anime also introduces us to the main character, Shinohara Hiroto. He is an ordinary young man who doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. But don't be fooled; there’s more to him than meets the eye!

On Hiroto’s first day at school, he encounters the lovely Sarasa Saionji, and things escalate quickly! Due to some sort of misunderstanding, Hiroto finds himself in a match against Sarasa!

Apparently, on Academy Island, all the students are obsessed with winning stars. These stars are a definite standard for the evaluation of grades, allowing a caste system to appear within the school.

The students value the stars since losing or gaining one can have a huge impact on someone's life on the island.

Everyone interprets it differently, but it mostly functions as a title. In other words, Academy Island is a place where discrimination based on a student's number of stars is permitted.

After all, on the island, one's worth is determined not by attractiveness, intelligence, or talent but by the predetermined number of stars they hold.

There are three known methods for obtaining these stars: a grade evaluation, a reward at an event, or through a game!

In light of this, Hiroto faces Sarasa, who was dubbed the "Empress" of the school.

They agreed to compete in a turn-based staring contest, and what occurred next stunned the entire island!

What will become of Hiroto? Will he be able to complete his real mission on the island?

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How Many Episodes Will Liar Liar Have?

As of writing, the Liar Liar anime has yet to confirm its total number of episodes. But we are expecting the anime to have at least 11–13 episodes, running for a single cour this summer anime season.

Usually, having 12 or 13 episodes is the norm for new anime titles adapted from light novels.

In fact, we have seen anime shows like I Got a Cheat Skill From Another World, KonoSuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!, and even Summoned to Another World for a Second Time get 12 or 13 episodes.

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How Many Episodes Will Liar Liar Have?
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Credit: Geek Toys

These shows were all based on a light novel, and we can safely assume that the same episode count will apply to the Liar Liar anime.

But it still depends on the pacing, especially the entire coverage of the anime. Whether they decide to adapt two or more light novel volumes will affect its episode count.

We are also expecting that Liar Liar’s official website will confirm its total number of episodes in the middle of the season.

The information will be released through the anime’s Blu-Ray and DVD announcements, as usual.

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When Do New Liar Liar Episodes Get Released?

When Do New Liar Liar Episodes Get Released?
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Credit: Geek Toys

Beginning July 8, 2023, new episodes of Liar Liar will be released. Studio Geek Toys is producing Liar Liar, and Crunchyroll will stream the anime on its platform with English subtitles for most international regions.

In Asian regions outside of Japan, Liar Liar will also be streaming on Ani-One Asia for its members and/or subscribers.

In Japan, Liar Liar will be broadcast on select channels like Tokyo MX, BS Asahi, Sun TV, AT-X, and TV Hokkaido! Online streaming will also be available!

Liar Liar Anime Trailer

Witness Hiroto’s journey on Academy Island as the newest seven-star holder in the Liar Liar Anime!

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